A Little Updating


So I’ve let this blog languish for a couple weeks, and for that I apologize to the whole dozen or so people who for whatever reason still read it anymore. I have a 9 to 5 job, a personal life, and I often throw myself into hobbies and interests in the real world; allowing myself to be consumed by them. And not in a bad way, either. It is frankly a healthy and necessary thing to periodically take time off from posting and chronicling Western Civilization’s descent into the Shit Abyss. And fortunately for me, I happen to have an obsessive personality that serves as a welcome vehicle to do just that.

As you may notice, I’ve changed the name of this blog simply to ‘313Chris’ and dropped the reference to Occidental Dissent altogether. I’ll explain why.

In the immediate wake of Sunday night’s massacre in Las Vegas, and by ‘immediate’ I mean blood not even dry, Hunter Wallace & his flunky — former Daily Stormer white-knighting pantywaist-cum-Alabama-redneck-wannabe ‘Marcus Cicero’ — spared no time in exploiting this tragedy for clicks, posting fresh pictures of blood-splattered shooting victims and encouraging the site’s retarded commentariat to create an accompanying circus sideshow.

Between Jack Ryan a.k.a. JackieBoi a.k.a. BottomBoiJackie’s reflexive, exhibitionistic menstruating about how frightened he is of guns, to feminist shrew Onceler a.k.a. BigTruth a.k.a Lorax100’s Benzodiazepine-fuelled conspiracy theories, to halfwit British citizen Captain John Charity Spring’s masturbatory fantasies about taking away the Second Amendment, and all this with that big red ‘DONATE’ button positioned shamelessly at the top of the page… reading that thread left me angry and embarrassed that I ever even jokingly named my blog after that pitiful nut-house.

For christssake, have some respect for the dead, you bunch of fucktards.

So I’m going to start writing more regularly on this blog, and rest assured I will continue to write about race and happenings of general white interest, as well as things that just interest me in particular , but overall I’m going to be narrowing the focus here primarily to subject matters of local relevance. Detroit is my home, and I should I be paying it more importance than I have in the past.

If you’re still following this site, even after my having been shut down and come back, and in spite of my  periods of inactivity, I thank you for that, genuinely. If you feel that you have to bail over the changes I’ll be making, then that’s perfectly cool too, and no hard feelings for it. In either case, my warmest appreciation to everyone in the over 130 countries in the world who regularly found my profane, misanthropic diatribes worth the couple minutes time to click and read them. Gratius, tibi ago.


19 thoughts on “A Little Updating

  1. Hi Dear!

    Well – I still comment on the OD, and probably always will. Still – I think the name change is an excellent idea. I know how hard it is to maintain consistent content when you do have a 3D life. Keep writing, though. You are a superb writer!

    1. Thanks Denise. You’ve been at OD far longer than JackieBoi, in fact presently you might be the senior-most commenter there behind Griffin. You absolutely should keep posting there, if for no other reason than to explain the facts of life to the freshly-traumatized newbies that periodically stagger in, having just swallowed their first red pill.

      As for myself, I’ve come to accept that I’m too caustic to be a playmate in someone else’s sandbox. Hell, I even managed to get banned from my own blog, and I’m the sole admin here(!) So go figure about that. Anyway, thanks again for the kind words. Take care.

  2. Good to see you’re going to continue the blog. Did you used to post at the old “Detroit is Crap” form by chance?

    1. No, but I sure remember it and it was fun while it lasted. The guy that ran the forum is also a regular at Niggermania. I remember how all the local news stations started harassing his hosting service until they terminated their contract with him.

      He also has a blog, but he hasn’t posted anything new in almost a decade: http://detroitisstillcrap.blogspot.com

  3. Yeah, he went by the name “Detroiter”/Adam. He sometimes did shows at VNN as well. My how the time flies in the internut bowel movement.

  4. I don’t blame you in the slightest. I, too, am damn tired of all this. I have several different projects other then the stinking jews to attend to and over 100 books I need to read, both computer and real. There is life other than the stinking jews and we must embrace it.

    I’ll be around & keeping an eye out for ya, kid.

  5. Reblogged this on HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE and commented:
    Too lazy to write my own article so am posting Chris’s. See my comment at the end. I’ll check in with everyone once or twice a week but really need to get on with my own JEWLESS projects. We all know what the score is, so I’m sure I won’t be missed much, how many more times must we say the same God damn thing over & over & over???

    1. That would explain the sudden spike I got in views from the UK. Evidently the nigger used a car to mow down a herd of Limey eloi. I’m sure American gun owners are still somehow to blame for it, though.

    1. That flag is my own admittedly clumsy first-attempt, using a graphic design program called ‘Procreate’, to actualize a simplified and modernized version of the present municipal flag of Detroit.

      As you can notice in contrast to the original, I redesigned the flag without the city seal in the center, and omitted the gold border around each of the quarters, because I didn’t want what could be mistaken for a christian cross on the flag. In addition, I intentionally gave the fleur de lis and the lions a more ‘Roman’ appearance. Lastly I rearranged the stars into the symmetrical pattern found on the Second Jack of the United States (1777-1795).

      It isn’t perfect, but I’ll periodically clean it up and fix the little mistakes until I’m satisfied with it.

      A little history of the flag of Detroit:

      “This flag is full of fate and pathos, and maybe that is why we are bound to it. At its center, of course, is our tragic seal, certainly the saddest city seal ever, in which the city is, no joke, burning to the ground. A woman weeps; she is comforted by her sister whom we are invited to imagine is uttering the fateful words of our city motto: Speramus meliora, Resurget cineribus.

      We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes. Don’t cry.

      We wrote these words in 1805, when our city burned to the ground. It was not the first time. It was the worst time, but it was not the last.

      It’s a flag of nations, occupations, wars. The fleur de lis represents French settlement of Detroit in 1701. The golden lions stand for Detroit under British rule, from 1760 to 1796. (You’ll remember that we used to celebrate July 11 as Evacuation Day, the anniversary of the British finally leaving, compelled only after long and bloody battle with the Northwest Indians.) The stars and stripes appear twice, because during 1812 we surrendered our fort to the British. Stars for 1796 – 1812; stripes for 1813 and on.”

  6. Well Chris, you’re just too sensitive, Lad. A mass shooting is worthy of comment – even if it were, say, 1865. I think your own “boi -ish” attitudes need to be checked. Do you know Rodney Martin ?

    1. I don’t know him personally, but I know who he is. Martin was feuding with Carolyn Yeager some years back, wasn’t he? I’ve read some of his stuff on Justice4Germans.

  7. Sensitivity begets perception. There are many layers to good and evil, few things are just black and white. I always appreciate Chris’s comments whether I agree or not. There are many evil Whites just as there are plenty of evil niggers & jews. I believe the jewish “race” is demonic, but that’s another post. There is so much going on in the world that NONE of us can comment on everything. Maybe, just maybe, Chris is getting the facts together to make a post on the shooting, maybe not. There is enough out there to get what happened, but we’ll never know why.

    Why don’t YOU write the post instead??

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