DNC Reflections Part 1


Today began the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and the fallout from the leaked DNC emails containing plots to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ campaign immediately took it’s toll. Ugly inbred kikess Debbie Wasserman Schultz was angrily confronted at some breakfast speaking engagement and was shouted-down and humiliated by disgruntled Sanders cultists, causing her to resign as chairperson of the DNC and hastily vacate her speaking slot for tonight’s broadcast, before getting the hell out of Philly.

Watching the broadcast, and seeing the never-ending procession of niggers, spics, faggots, feminist cunts, and blood-sucking nation-wrecking JEWS paraded across the stage, it should be abundantly clear that this election is a proxy for RACIAL WAR between a beseiged white majority in America, and a black and brown degenerate horde bent on brutal political, economic, and eventual genetic conquest of it.

In other words, if you are white, then it damn well better be crystal clear by now where you stand. And if you’re white and you stand with them, then God be with you, because we won’t when the Day Of The Rope comes.

Now I’ll give my take on few of the noteworthy speeches:


“Yes we can!”

A couple twin-faggot NBA bakkabawl niggers gave a speech about how wonderful it is to be a nigger faggot in nigger faggot Obama’s America, and how lucky they are to get payed millions of dollars to chase a bakkaball up and down a court like a bunch of monkeys fighting over a head of lettuce in a zoo, while working white Americans lose their jobs and homes and get taxed into oblivion to support future generations of nigger faggots.


“My milk shake brings all the tards to the yard, and they’re like, duuh huu daaar.”

Next, they wheeled out this Puerto Rican retard named Anastasia Somaza who drooled and blabbered unintelligably about how retards are equal to anyone else, rather than the consequences of not having an abortion when it’s the responsible thing to do. Evidently she just graduated college. Of course,the way colleges hand out diplomas to niggers, I’d say the bar is now low enough for comatose drug addicts to complete a four-year degree. And can you imagine, this waste of chromosomes could very well be taking your number at the DMV someday…


“Vote fuh me fo prezadint in fo years y’all — ah be out da closet by den!”

Mystery-meat nigger and probable faggot Cory Booker kicked off his 2020 presidental run by giving a speech about how white people can demonstrate their patriotism by surrendering deyz white privlidge — meaning our DNA — to a tidal-wave of miscegenation. Personally I disagree with him. I think the best way white people can demonstrate our patriotism and honor our Founding Fathers, would be by WIPING OUT EVERYTHING THAT ISN’T WHITE.


Jew Al Franken and Jewess Sarah Silverman came out and tried to pacify the angry ‘Bernie or Bust’ delegates with their obnoxious jew humor. It didn’t have the desired effect, and they only got angrier because she called them ‘ridiculous’. She probably knew what she was doing, too — because kikes never pass up an opportunity to stab anyone in the back. It’s in their DNA, and it’s as reflexive a behavior as rape is for niggers.


Paul Simon’s gentle singing makes us think back to better days.

With the Bernie mob more pissed than ever, they brought out Jew Paul Simon, looking like death warmed-over, to balm the crowd by singing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”. That didn’t fare much better, but I have to admit it was an appropriate song considering the present state of Hillary’s campaign.


“Ah lib in a house biwt ba slabes! Ah watch ma keeids play wif dey dawg!”

In what the nigger & jew PBS broadcasting team agreed was the most beneficial, for Hillary, speech of the night, Michele Obama climbed up the stage, cockroach eggs scattering out her nigger pussy, and ooked about how we shouldn’t have someone who “flies off the handle” in control of the nuclear codes. That’s right — a NIGGER actually had the nerve to question anybody else’s, let alone a WHITE MAN‘s measure of impulse control. If I didn’t hate niggers with enough genocidal fury that would be sobering even to Joseph Stalin, I would almost find her remark amusing.


“Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo”

Fake injun Elizabeth Warren yammered about how American families are starving, about how the big banks are fucking this country over, and the system is rigged. Well you don’t say, Fauxahontas? And after 8 years of this, we should vote for another Democrat administration because..?

Finally, Bernie Sanders came out and gave an even longer speech than Mike Pence did last week. It went over a little better than this morning, when he was booed for asking his delegates to vote for Clinton. However, it was clear that the crowd, many of whom were teary-eyed, were cheering for Sanders himself, and not really for what he was talking about. And if you’re Hillary Clinton, it’s not exactly an encouraging sight, when the audience is holding up more signs for the guy you beat, then they are for you at your own convention(!)

So that’s it for what happened tonight. Come back for Part 2 to tomorrow.

Do The Clintons Have AIDS?

(Tonight being the eve of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, I thought I’d share this.)

Does Bill Clinton Have Aids?


Bill and Hillary Clinton both refuse to make their personal medical records public and it is being widely speculated that Bill having AIDS that is the reason for the refusal.

While the “Coughing Candidate Hillary” has plenty of reason to not release her records, the once energetic Bill is showing his age… and as well, definite signs of some serious health issues.

TONY ELLIOT reported a year before Charlie Sheen admitted he had aids and he reports at The Universal Free Press that he sees all the same signs in Bill Clinton.


Bill and Hillary Clinton refuse to make their personal medical records public and it is being widely speculated that Bill has aids.

“Since I follow this year’s presidential primaries very closely, I have recently noticed the same physical characteristics of AIDS patients being exhibited by Bill Clinton’s appearance and persona. At first, anyone may think he is getting up in age and the deteriorating features are natural. However, on further examination, one has to conclude Bill Clinton is a very ill man suffering from advanced stages of AIDS.

Like Charlie Sheen, Bill Clinton has lived a sexually promiscuous lifestyle and has contracted AIDS. Hillary Clinton is doing everything she can to keep it quiet. It is very apparent at almost all Hillary Clinton campaign rallies and speeches where Bill is in attendance that he is a very sick man.”

In Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince’s new book, Bill & Hillary: So This is That Thing Called Love, Clinton insiders claim that Bill slept with so many women that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly forced him to get an AIDS test from the doctor. This is because the former President “favored unprotected sex.”

No doubt neither of them are running on full health. Bill has been listless, had a drastic weight loss, trembling hands, red blotches on his face and a number of other definite signs of ill health, many which are common AIDS symptoms.


Bill and Hillary Clinton both refuse to make their personal medical records public and it is being widely speculated that Bill having AIDS that is the reason for the refusal.

Hillary Clinton has coughed at least 6 times on the campaign trail, at the Benghazi hearings, and in an interview in 2008!

It is important to note that the Mayo Clinic states that Chronic Cough is defined as lasting Eight WEEKS or longer.

Hillary has been coughing for 8 YEARS!

I guess only time will tell.


Clinton Picks Tim Kaine For VP


“Ah fuck it. It’s not like we’re going to win anyway.”

This evening Hillary Clinton announced that she has chosen Senator Tim Kaine (D) Virginia as her running mate. Evidently, it came down to either him or Tom Vilsack, since Elizabeth Warren is either too scared of Trump or understandably doesn’t want any part of Clinton’s sinking ship, and Cory Booker and Julian Castro likely each have their own secret plans to run against Trump in 2020.

I hate to make predictions, mostly since I end up having to change them a few days later, but it’s really starting to look like Hillary Clinton is the John McCain of 2016. But that makes Donald Trump the Barack Obama of 2016. And we all know how the Barack Obama of 2008 turned out. So don’t go reaching for  that snooze button just yet, white people.


“Das riiigh. T-Kaine a straight azz gangsta. Ah’mo be V-P up in yo pink! Holla atcha boy crackaz.”

2016 RNC Reflections Part 4


“And everyone gets a pony too!”

Tonight saw the ejaculatory climax of the clumsy backseat dry-hump that was the 2016 Republican National Convention, and Donald Trump gave his long-awaited acceptance speech for the GOP nomination.

I’m not happy with his speech. Just as I expected he would, Trump did the exact same shit that Barack Obama did in his acceptance speech 8 years ago — taking advantage of a reliably gullible electorate at the limits of their tolerance for an unpopular outgoing administration, Trump promised everything to everyone. But what is an especially insulting slap across the face from Trump, is that he promised everything to everyone EXCEPT WHITE PEOPLE, who he didn’t even have the balls to name in explicit terms.

Throughout his hour of unsubstantial hot air, Donald Trump made sure to acknowledge, and pander to, every fucking protected demographic his speech writers could think to name.  And just what a coincidence it is, that this roll-call of scum he publicly felated, just happens to be the very motherfuckers who are directly responsible for EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA.

Donald Trump acknowledged worthless ghetto niggers. He acknowledged psychotic degenerate faggots. He acknowledged parasitic dual-citizen immigrants. He acknowledged cowardly badge fag cops. He acknowledged nation-wrecking Israeli kikes. He acknowledged jew-worshipping, mud-coddling christians.

But WHITE PEOPLE? Fuck ’em. Sure, we did build this country from nothing, spill our blood to liberate and defend it, and work ourselves to the bone to sustain it, but obviously we aren’t worth the risk of so much as a stinking one syllable, one word recognition of our existence as a distinct segment, and a large segment at that, of this country’s population, deserving of the same regard as anyone else. No, we have to be carefully, generically referred to simply as “Americans” — an irreparably cheapened title that just so happens to be available to any unwelcome shit-colored foreigner or uninvited Eurotrash resident-alien who both hate America and native-born Americans with equal vitriol. We’re supposed to just cast our ballots and politely move to the back of the bus. That how it works, Donnie Boy?

So I’m going to have a serious thought or two about whether I’m in the mood to be played for a fool like I was back in 2000, and made complicit in the installing of another catastrophic administration. Trump is already starting to stink, and I may have to sit this election out on principal.

Please feel free to stop back in for my coverage of the Democratic National Convention next week.

2016 RNC Reflections Part 3


Last night’s broadcast of the GOP convention actually proved a little eventful for a change. The big story, was that Ted Cruz low-bridged Donald Trump during his speech, refusing to endorse Trump, telling voters instead to “vote their conscience”, and was  then booed off the stage even by his own delegation from Texas.


Personally, I think this was another case of calculated political Kabuki theater, and that Trump knew exactly what Cruz was going to do and told him to do it. But I hardly give a shit either way.

On a side note with regard to Cruz, am I the only one that notices an unsettling resemblance between Ted Cruz and League of The South flunky Michael Cushman? See for yourself and tell me I’m wrong..

The other noteworthy item was VP candidate Mike Pence’s acceptance speech. It was chock full of your typical neocon bullshit — Jeeboo, Terr’r, ‘Murika, Gawd, ‘Borshunz, Nukuler Eye-ran, and Ruhsha — and it had the jackass convention floor cheering hysterically like a bunch of 14 year-old white girls at a nigger rap concert. Nevertheless, it’s got the Democrats sufficiently panicked enough that even obnixious fat pig Michael Moore is convinced Trump is going to win the election.

So tonight will be the finale of the convention, with Trump set to give his acceptance speech. And I damn well better hear the words WALL and DEPORTATIONS loud and clear and outta his mouth tonight, or I promise I’m sitting out the election come November.

Check in tomorrow for my take on Trump’s speech.

2016 RNC Reflections Part 2

Day 2 of the Zio-faggot Handjob Peep-show in Cleveland was even less worth writing about than Day 1.

The big “news” was that Jeb Bush’s alleged effort to spark a last-minute delegate revolt, failed and Trump officially won the GOP nomination yesterday. Not that that means a damn thing, because the way Trump has been telegraphing an imminent pivot towards Bush/Cheney-style neoconservativism, he’ll be indistinguishable from the very same impotent party he snatched the nomination from by election day.

In addition to that, all the violence and anarchy that the Soros-funded Left & their nigger shock troops had been promising, has so far failed to materialize. There was a small skirmish between some BLM niggers and members of the Westboro Baptist Church, and they ended up throwing piss on each other until the cops broke it up. Overall however, reports are that there are more cops present at the convention than protesters.

Speaking of niggers, Paul Ryan gave a vapid speech last night. It was so dull and devoid of content, that I literally have nothing to remark about. So in that case, I’ll just remind everyone again, that Paul Ryan is an oil-driller.


“I love nigger pussy! Where da black wimmin at?”

Beached-whale Chris Christie gave an equally forgettable speech. There’s something off about that guy. I don’t know if he’s a secret faggot or not, but he’s definitely under suspicion.


And don’t forget about the way he sang Mitt Romney’s praises all summer long in 2012, and then U-boated Romney at the last second. Chris Christie is never to be trusted.


You mean I’m NOT WHITE?!

That weird-ass nigger Ben Carson gave a disjointed, rambling speech during which he mentioned that Hillary Clinton once wrote a college paper about commie Jew Saul Alinsky, and that one of Alinsky’s heroes was Lucifer. The suggestion, intentionally aimed at rural battleground states in the Midwest, filled with mouth-breathing christians who shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the first place, is that Hillary Clinton is somehow in league with “the devil”. Now I have to take issue with that. Do you honestly think an OG pimp like Lucifer would allow he self to be associated with someone like Hillary? Please. Bitch don’t even know how to dress.

So that’s about the size of it for last night. Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow.

2016 RNC Reflections Part 1

So this week began the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. And a more bizarre sight it could not have been.

Let’s start with the outside. The niggers have not yet showed up in force to start a bunch of shit like they’ve been threatening to, but, the week is still young, so we may still have monkey shines before this circus concludes.

One bit of weirdness in particular, was when 100 broads stripped naked in protest of, I dunno, something or other:


No shit. This really happened.


I would fuck this one, but the rest.. not a chance.

Next, let’s go over a couple of the speeches that stood out.


Okay what the fuck is Scott Baio doing there? Get your ass back to the Pembroke’s house and watch them damn kids. I like the tie, though.

Rudy Giuliani is now officially, certifiably batshit. My sympathies to anyone else who had the misfortune of witnessing this slimy freak have his Alzheimer’s-type episode. The pictures do better justice than my words ever could:




Jeff Sessions is a doddering old fossil and a creepy little midget. Thank almighty Satan himself he didn’t get picked to be VP:


And then there was this piece of shit Michael Flynn. I literally have no words for his 15-years-stale Israel First type jingoism. Fuck off, Mikey. Go give Netanyahu his obligatory blowjob and put a loaded gun in your mouth:


“Ooh Rah! Let’s go git them Izlamo terris’s! Yo Joe!”

And last but not least, there was Melania Trump. Okay, so she isn’t hard on the eyes, but she’s still an airhead and a trophy wife. And I don’t like the image of a foreign-born First Lady any more than I can stomach the sight of a nigger First “Lady”. Still, she would be a welcome psychological relief from the sight of the she-ape that presently litters bugs out of her nigger snatch all over the White House:


So those are my impressions of Day 1 of this disaster in the making. Part 2 will come tomorrow. And yes, I still believe Trump is going to lose.