The Pacific Northwest & The American Redoubt


Novelist Harold A. Covington insists the Pacific Northwest is the white man’s last stand in North America

The Washington Post has an interesting article about the recent fad of survivalists, constitutionalists, and assorted doomsday preppers buying up land and relocating to the inland Pacific Northwest, specifically Idaho:

“In Hayden Idaho, Don and Jonna Bradway recently cashed out of the stock market and invested in gold and silver. They have stockpiled food and ammunition in the event of a total economic collapse or some other calamity commonly known around here as “The End of the World As We Know It” or “SHTF” — the day something hits the fan.

The Bradways fled California, a state they said is run by “leftists and non-Constitutionalists and anti-freedom people,” and settled on several wooded acres of north Idaho five years ago. They live among like-minded conservative neighbors, host Monday night Bible study around their fire pit, hike in the mountains and fish from their boat. They melt lead to make their own bullets for sport shooting and hunting — or to defend themselves against marauders in a world-ending cataclysm.

“I’m not paranoid, I’m really not,” said Bradway, 68, a cheerful Army veteran with a bushy handlebar mustache who favors Hawaiian shirts. “But we’re prepared. Anybody who knows us knows that Don and Jonna are prepared if and when it hits the fan.”

The Bradways are among the vanguard moving to an area of the Pacific Northwest known as the American Redoubt, a term coined in 2011 by survivalist author and blogger James Wesley, Rawles (the comma is deliberate) to describe a settlement of the God-fearing in a lightly populated territory that includes Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the eastern parts of Washington and Oregon.

Those migrating to the Redoubt are some of the most motivated members of what is known as the prepper movement, which advocates readiness and self-reliance in man-made or natural disasters that could create instability for years. It’s scenario-planning that is gaining adherents and becoming mainstream in what Redoubt preppers described as an era of fear and uncertainty.”

Further northwest, in Seattle, longtime racial-vanguardist and writer Harold A. Covington has been advocating, for the last 15 years or so, for white Americans to migrate to the tri-state Pacific Northwest, in the hopes that a white critical-mass will actuate some sort of catalyst that will establish conditions favorable to the creation of a sovereign white ethnostate.

Covington’s group, the Northwest Front, is explicitely racial in it’s aims and criteria. The prospective ethnostate they seek would be exclusively for unmixed, non-jewish white people. Conversely, the migrants to the so-called  American Redoubt, while undoubtedly aware of the rising demographic floodwaters in America, insist that their reasons for isolating themselves from the rest of the country, aren’t racial:

“Those interviewed in the American Redoubt insisted they are not trying to segregate themselves by race. And while the Aryan Nations white supremacist group was headquartered near Hayden Lake in the 1980s and 1990s, Rawles has described the Redoubt movement as “anti-racist” and said like-minded folks of all races are welcome.

Walsh, the real estate agent, said he saw far more racism in Detroit, where he was raised, than in north Idaho.

“Here, a black person, they’re a novelty,” Walsh said. “You’ll see people walk up to black people here sometimes and just talk to them because they’ve never spoken to a black person before. In terms of them walking around [saying racist things], you never see it.”

Is that right? And yet, you don’t see these people buying cheap, abundant, fertile land in Africa…

Harold Covington wrote a series of fiction novels about a guerilla war in the Pacific Northwest, which culminates in the birth of a white republic where the states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho once stood. There are 5 of them, but if you’re only going to read one, read The Brigade.

And on a somewhat related note, there is a trilogy of sci-fi novels written by Blake Crouch — Pines, Wayward, and The Last Town — which take place in Idaho, and although maybe not intentionally, they similarly premise life in the distant future, in a settlement that serves as a refuge for the last of humankind, surrounded by a decayed world inhabited by hostile organisms. (Crouch’s novels were made into a TV series called Wayward Pines, which you can watch on Youtube or Hulu)

My own opinion on northwest migration, in whatever form or for whichever reason, is that I have no opinion. I personally have no plans to migrate anywhere, but neither do I disuade any white person from doing what they feel they have to do to keep their family safe. And if that means migrating to a community of like-minded racial kindred in Idaho, that I respect that decision as well-intentioned.

What I can say with certainty, is that what passes for business as usual in America today, cannot go on indefinitely, and I believe it will come to an abrupt and violent end in the coming years. But whether it is the Idaho wilderness, or some county in the South, or some old Rust Belt city around the Great Lakes, no part of this country is going to be untouched by what is bearing down on us.

So maybe this recent Northwest ‘buzz’ is just a case of cyclical, election-year hysteria, or perhaps there is some collective alignment of white consciousness on an instictual level, not unlike any threatened species flocking togethor and searching for a more hospitable environment. Whatever it is, I’ll leave the question to any commenters to debate:

Is the Pacific Northwest, white peoples ‘Ark’ in the coming Flood of Mud?

Weekly Cock Slaps 2


Brad Griffin a.k.a. Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent is well-known within the Bowel Movement for his sudden, emotionally-fueled, ideological U-turns. He has a history of making hasty conclusions with regard to a given subject matter, writing dozens of blog posts supporting his tenuous position, and then abruptly, inexplicably, reversing himself altogethor in a proceeding salvo of posts.

Having hip-pocketed his moribund Southern Nationalism for a ride on the Trump Train, and having evidently accepted that Trump is finished, Brad Griffin is presently and predictably returning to familiar ground:

“Liberalism is an unnatural individualistic philosophy that disintegrates the social fabric. It sees a world of selfish rights-bearing individualists, not tribes that practice in-group altruism. In the name of “freedom” and “rights,” it sets every “individual” in an unnatural position by prying him apart from every other member of his tribe.

Notice the sneer quotes for the terms freedomrights, and individual. It seems that as the morning-after light of day streams in, condom wrappers littered on the bedroom floor, bedsheets stinking of cologne, and Trump long gone, Brad Griffin has evidently retreated back to one of his previous, and more absurd, worldviews — “freedom failed”.

“As liberalism and the free market advances over time, which is to say, as both cut deeper and deeper inroads into a culture, it creates huge class inequalities and erodes social capital, which leads to extreme alienation and anomie. This social disintegration and angst is the fountainhead of the North and Europe’s “-isms” which promise to restore “close and more associative relations” and to reduce glaring inequalities.”

Griffin got played for a fool by Donald Trump and he knows it. So reeling in anger and embarrassment, he has gone back to imagining himself Southern nobility, and is back to blaming the American Revolution, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, for his personal feelings of ineffectuality in the present world. In other words, things aren’t going the way he wants them to, and they seldom do for anyone in real life, but that reality is an especial affront to Griffin on account of his grandiose delusions.


After spending weeks in the first stage of grief — denial, where he wrote a series of posts entitled ‘The Case For Trump’, Griffin, as evidenced by his latest blog posts, is clearly now experiencing the second stage of grief — anger.

Four years ago on election night, Brad Griffin in an emotional fit, went on VNN forum and blamed Romney’s defeat on everyone except the South and Southerners, and started a war with Alex Linder and the entire forum. And the next morning, he talked about moving to Tasmania.

So here’s what’s going happen: As we speak, Griffin very likely has a long, intricate, blog post sitting in draft, which he’s waiting to post on election night, wherein he’ll blame Clinton’s victory on “Yankees”, and throw a fit about how all the South’s problems are entirely the fault of the North, and that, in stark contrast to his shameless shilling for Trump this year, electoral politics is a dead-end and that the only answer is secession. People don’t change, and Griffin is still the duplicitous snake that he was in 2012, so keep an eye out come November 8. It’s going to be an entertaining meltdown.

Argentinian Hitler Youth Rough Up Kike Larvae


A Friday feel-good story, to offset a disappointing week:

Argentinian pupils in Nazi dress attack Jewish students

Children from a German school in Buenos Aires wearing swastika armbands and fake Hitler moustaches attacked pupils from a Jewish school in a resort where several Nazi war criminals lived for decades after the Second World War, including Dr Josef Mengele, Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death”.

The incident drew swift condemnation for the pupils and the parents who were accompanying them during the school’s end-of-course trip to San Carlos de Bariloche, in the Andes.

The town became a haven for fleeing Nazis who were welcomed by the sympathetic Peronist regime.

According to witnesses, pupils from the Lanús German School arrived at a party in a nightclub dressed as Nazis.

“Some of them were in leathers with swastikas painted on their chests and backs,” Dan, one of the students who was attacked, told Argentina’s TN television channel.

“We wanted them to be thrown out of the club but they shouted ‘f—— Jews’ at us and proudly showed off their symbols.”

When bouncers at the club refused to eject the pupils in fancy dress, there was a “confrontation” which turned into a fight, according to Dan.

The boys dressed as Nazis were finally expelled from the club.

What was it that Hitler once said? — “You will see. My spirit will rise from the grave. One day people will see that I was right”.


Trump Disavows His Alt-Right Fluffers


“I… I thought he…I thought it was real…”

Fresh off the heels of his disgraceful, but long-predicted, solely by myself and one or two others with a functioning set of eyes and ears, reversal on his deportation promises, Donald Trump is now  tossing his legion of blindly-faithful twinks, faggots, and assorted fanbois which comprise the “alt-right”, out to the curb:

Trump camp brushes aside “alt-right” association

Ahead of Hillary Clinton’s planned speech linking Donald Trump and his campaign to the “alt-right” movement, the Republican nominee’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said she is “not that familiar with it, to be frank with you.”

“I’ve read about it, but I think that we also are cherry-picking headlines from a website, and is Hillary Clinton running against a website?” Conway remarked on “CBS This Morning,” alluding to criticism about the coverage of Breitbart News, whose chairman joined Trump’s campaign last week as its CEO.

Asked whether the Trump campaign is a “platform for the alt-right movement,” Conway responded, “No, not at all.”

“We’ve never even discussed it internally. It certainly isn’t part of our strategy meetings. It’s nothing that Mr. Trump says out on the stump,” Conway said. “And again, I just am confounded by the strategy. Hillary Clinton is a smart woman. She has very smart, savvy strategists around her who know what they are doing.”

The Trump campaign, Conway continued, feels that voters “deserve and expect a conversation on substantive issues that they talk about around kitchen tables and over cappuccino counters.”

Talk about a pump-and-dump..(!) As the niggers might say — “DAYUMN!”

On a related note, a video has surfaced, of a meeting between members of American RenaissanceOccidental DissentVDARE, and other alt-right cliques, the moment that they found out about Trump’s immigration reversal:

China Joins Russia & Iran In Battle Against ZOG In Syria


An encouraging development, for once.

China enters fray in Syria On Bashar al-Assad’s side

China, Russia and Iran have come together in a tripartite alliance supporting the Syrian government in the war against radical fundamentalist insurgents.

The main targets of this alliance are Islamic State and Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, formerly al-Qaeda’s affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, and its partners.

Until last week Russia and Iran were the military mainstays of the overstretched and undermanned Syrian army.

China signalled it was prepared to join them by dispatching high-profile rear admiral Guan Youfei, head of Beijing’s office for international military co-operation, to Damascus to hold discussions with the Syrian defence minister Fahd Jassem al-Freij.

China offered to train Syrian military personnel and provide humanitarian aid. While Chinese advisers are routinely deployed to teach Syrian soldiers how to use Chinese weapons, the proposal to have advisers on a regular basis amounts to direct engagement in the conflict on the government’s side.

On the political level China and Russia have been on the same page since conflict erupted in Syria in 2011. Both permanent UN Security Council members, they have blocked resolutions critical of the Damascus government.

It is significant that Guan also met Lt Gen Sergei Chvarkov, the Russian officer in charge of the group established at the Russian base near Latakia to monitor developments in the war between the government and insurgents.

Russia and Iran boosted co-operation last week. Tehran temporarily permitted Russian long-range Tupolev-22M bombers and Sukhoi 34 fighter jets to take off from Iran’s Hamadan air base to conduct raids against Islamic State in Syria’s eastern Deir al-Zor and the Jabhat in northwest Idlib.

Cruise missiles

This was a departure for Iran, which has refused to allow foreign forces to deploy on its soil since the second World War. Previously based in southern Russia, the bombers had less than half the distance to fly to reach Syrian targets.

For the first time, Russia has also launched cruise missiles at radicals in Syria from ships in the Mediterranean rather than the Caspian Sea.

China, Russia and Iran appear to have joined forces to counter the coalition of radical insurgents forged by Idlib-based Jaish al-Fatah, dominated by the Jabhat and Ahrar al-Sham, which briefly broke the Syrian army siege of insurgent-held eastern Aleppo on August 5th.

These two groups coalesced with other smaller factions, including Saudi-sponsored Jaish al-Islam, after receiving a substantial injection of armoured vehicles, weapons and ammunition from Saudi Arabia and Qatar via Turkey.

Russia, Iran and China are not prepared to yield northern Syria to Jaish al-Fatah and Islamic State and US-backed Syrian Kurds, who are trying to drive government troops from the border city of Hasakeh in the east.


Moscow, Beijing and Tehran have serious reasons for backing Damascus. Russian and Chinese ties to Syria go back to the cold war, when the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic supported and armed the Arabs against Israel. Iran and Syria became allies in 1980, following the establishment of Iran’s Islamic Republic. The alliance united Syrian Baathists and Shia Iran against rival Iraqi Baathists who were fighting a war with Iran.

Moscow, Tehran and Beijing fear the fall of secular Damascus would lead to the establishment of jihadi fiefdoms in Syria from which radicals would mount attacks into southern Russia and Iran and promote Muslim dissidence in China.

Some 2,500 Russians and 7,000 citizens of former Soviet countries have been recruited by Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Iran has been battling a separatist rebellion in western Khuzestan (Arabistan) province and seeks to crush Sunni radicals who jeopardise pro-Iranian Shia dominance in Iraq.

China is also fighting an insurgency mounted by radical Uyghur militants in the strategic Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region of China.

The real reason the chinks are balling up their fists all the sudden, is twofold: One, they haven’t seen a day of battle since the Korean War, and fighting ISIS provides an opportunity to gain badly-needed combat experience. And two, China realizes that if it doesn’t stand alongside Putin and Iran in defending Assad from American aggression, then the U.S./ZOG is assuredly  going to pick them all off, one by one via ‘regime change’ until the entire world is enslaved to a singular Zio-American government. No nations, no borders, no racial distinctions, no heritage, no boundaries. A world like that cannot be allowed to come to pass.

So it appears that a line has been drawn in the sand, literally. I only hope that Hillary Clinton will prove her deranged hubris and march America’s nigger/faggot/tranny/girlpower army off to it’s deserved destruction by a Sino/Russo/Iranian coalition acting in defence of the right to sovereignty itself. 2017 is going to be interesting year.

Badge Fag Murders Unarmed Deaf White Man


If anybody who reads this blog still cannot understand why I hate cops as much as I do, and why any white person who purports to give a damn about the survival of our race also ought to hate cops as much as I do, maybe this will finally put in perspective for you.

On Thursday August 18 in Charlotte N.C., a deafmute, and unarmed white man named Daniel Harris, was pulled over by a state trooper named Jermaine Saunders over a speeding violation, and shot dead just for trying to communicate with the badge-wearing CRETIN, by using sign language.


29 year old Daniel Harris, deaf, mute, and a father of a 4 year old son, murdered by a badge fag for using sign language.

The cop was evidently a nigger, too, but in this instance, I don’t believe the shooting was racially motivated. No, this was another now-commonplace example of bully with a badge and a gun who was looking for an excuse to kill someone.


North Carolina State Trooper Jermaine Saunders. Photo conspicuously absent from media coverage.

I’ve always said that whatever the cops get away with doing to niggers, they will eventually do to white people as matter of routine. And here it plays out before you. Sadly however, you won’t hear a peep out of white people in reply to Harris’s murder, unlike niggers, who, while not possessing bravery in the true sense, will still put their genetic absence of impulse-control to constructive use when one of their own is killed by the police, and respond with violence in kind.

For the most part, white people’s relationship to the police is like that of a battered wife — emotionally tethered, cowed in fear and shame, and thus unwilling to open their eyes to the abusive monster that their “husband” really is. So they just let it go on until their “husband”, emboldened by years of misbehaving with impunity, finally kills them in a brazen fit of narcissistic rage. Would that white people were just a little less patient and civilized…

Well, do you get it now, White Man? The police don’t give a shit about you. You exist to subsidize these worthless fuckers and then be preyed on by them. WAKE UP.


Weekly Cock Slaps 1


Periodically, I’m going to find it necessary to use this blog as a means to reply to remarks that were either said about me, or directed at me, or, just all-around stupid shit that begs a cock slap, on blogs and other Bowel Movement venues where I’ve been banned from replying.

This, today, from Hunter Wallace a.k.a. Grinnie The Pooh a.k.a. Cunt Dumpling at Occidental Dissent:


I won’t deny that I voted for Romney in 2012, but Hunter Wallace was so dejected by Romney’s defeat, that the following morning the little fuckstain was talking about running away to Tasmania(!)

Also, I find it odd that he’s insinuating desperation as the motive for anyone who voted reactionarily over the past few cycles, considering that no one has been bouncing up and down on Trump’s nutsack in alternate agony and ecstacy, longer and harder than Hunter Wallace.

And as much as I hate to entertain hypotheticals, I’d bet my right arm that even Ted Cruz would be polling more competitively against Hillary Clinton at this point, and I’m sure the final vote would be a lot closer than what Trump is going to end up with, too.

This, yesterday, from Lorax100 at Occidental Dissent, and who also comments here as ‘BigTruth’:


I don’t know who pissed in her Cheerios, but John Bonaccorsi is about the least malicious commenter, at least in the 6 years or so that I’ve interacted with him, to ever post at OD. And when Lorax100/BigTruth posts here, I treat that broad with such kid gloves that it’s ridiculous. Her fuckin’ unwarranted, seething anti-Italian anti-Slavic bigotry leads me to conclude that Miss Lorax100, despite being an American, (albeit an Anglo-American) is a sufferer of the English Disease:

“English Disease is a bizarre psychiatric disease suffered by roughly 90% of the population of England. Characterized by egomania, a superiority complex and an inferiority complex, delusions of grandeur and natiokleptomania (a strong desire to steal other people’s countries), the disease is thought to be genetic. A sufferer of English Disease is known as an English Patient.”

More about the English Disease can be found here.

This, today, from British-citizen and closet-Clintonista ‘Captain John Charity Spring MA’:


First of all, don’t even try to lecture Americans about how to vote, you phony, resident-alien, impotent spectator. You don’t vote here. Your status in this country is equivalent to a mail-order bride.

Second, you can drop the “fascist” act, because nobody is even close to buying it. You’re a pussy liberal arts professor, you admitted that you’re politically liberal, and years ago you even bragged about attending some nigger rap party with your jew wife at Snoop Dog’s house, where you probably watched her pull a train on every nigger there.

Lastly, for the umpteenth time you limey dimwit, Donald Trump is not a fascist, and you would know that if you were an American, and not some naïve English cuckold with nigger cum on your bedsheets. Trump brags about how his kids are married to jews, that his grandchildren are jewish, and he panders to niggers and spics shamelessly. Yet still…it’s not clear enough for some (you).

And finally this, today, from Billy Ray Jenkins who also regulary comments here:


Take the 1776 London chimneysweep’s son and the Prince of Wales, strip ’em both naked and seperately throw them each into prison cells with a big silverback nigger who’s armed with a shank. You know what would happen? The chimneysweep’s son  would likely kill his nigger with his bare hands, while the Prince of Wales would get fucked up his ass until his rectum is a fountain of blood and his throat slit.

Indeed white men are not created equal, but the artificial stratification that pre-Revolutionary society maintained, was an unjust obscenity that rewarded the weak and treacherous, and enslaved the brave and honest. The working class is meaner, stronger, tougher, hungrier and more resilient than the born-aristocracy by lengths impossible to measure. There’s a reason why populism — whether it be in the guise of German National Socialism, or Soviet Communism, or Anti-Colonial African Nationalism, or our own American Revolution — always prevailed over the bloated, inbred, self-entitled “ruling class” who’s yoke it fought to free itself from.

So that’s it for now. Check back each Friday for more cock slaps.