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I’m taking a break from blogging for an indefinite period. I’m getting deeper into my 40’s and I really no longer feel like expending time and energy in chronicling the white race’s latest blundering lurch toward extinction, or offering commentary on whatever catty new drama inevitably erupts between all the trust-fund-baby exhibitionists, Federal snitches, and grotesque, misogynistic little should’ve-been-aborted-in-the-first-place manlets that comprise the so-called Right Wing. I’ve said pretty much everything I have to say about anything of real importance, and people can either sharpen their learning curve or continue to get taken like the hopeless fools they are.

Regardless, this blog will remain up permanently, or at least until WordPress ever decides to undertake a Twitteresque purge of its blogger community. And as always, everyone is free to copy anything they want from here and use it how they see fit. Thank you again for reading.

– 313Chris

A Quick Observation About The Royal Niggerfication

Very quickly I thought I’d extend my congratulations to Prince Harry & his bald spot for his engagement to his niggress. May the years to come be filled with the joyous sounds and stenches of many quadroons bix nooding and littering fried chicken bones and watermelon rinds all over the royal residence.


Is it just me, or is Meghan Markle in fact Cory Booker in drag?


Anyway, my most sincere regards to the House of Windsor and her majesty’s good subjects throughout Cucktania. Dog’s bollocks! 🤴👩🏿👶🏽🇬🇧

Some Disjointed Ramblings About The Warsaw March & The American Bowel Movement


Do odważnych świat należy

Yesterday in Poland, about 60,000 Poles held a massive demonstration, commemorating their nation’s independence by marching through the streets of Warsaw in a magnificent display of ethnonationalism. Despite this event being an annual tradition since about 2010, the sheer size and visual impact of yesterday’s march nevertheless caught the American white nationalist community by surprise.

I wasn’t aware they did this every year in Poland either. Despite being of half Polish ancestry — my maternal grandfather was a Góral, and my maternal grandmother was a Tatar — I’m as thoroughly Americanized, and thus ethnically mongrelized, as is possible and consequently possess an only superficial knowledge of the present culture of either of  my ancestral places of origin. That reality notwithstanding, I will admit it was a very powerful thing to see all these strangers with whom I share the same blood, defiantly celebrating their will to remain a racially-pure people & culture, and their nation to remain sovereign. You feel a deep resonance, or God forbid I should even say pride, that isn’t really possible to convey in words. I suppose that whatever it was that evoked that feeling, is something that realistically cannot exist in a comparatively-young and racially-schizophrenic “nation of immigrants” such as the modern U.S.A., and we are so much the poorer for it.

Not surprisingly, the familiar cast of bottom-feeders who inhabit the steadfast toilet-bowl of dysfunction in America that we call the Bowel Movement, took the news of yesterday’s march as an opportunity to escalate the already-faggoty and ongoing “optics debate” over appropriate attire & imagery for street-activism, as well as undeservedly suggest the assumption of credit for the successful efforts of a culture & ethnicity to which they have no connection, and finally bandwagon on those successes to launch more of the passive-aggressive, schoolgirl-type attacks against each other on social media, which are now unfortunately so commonplace among the American right wing.

As endlessly entertaining to watch as it is simultaneously dispiriting, that catty nonsense even in the face of an inspiring event like what happened in Warsaw, just reinforces my conclusion that organized European-inspired racial nationalism in America is a dead end. Unite The Right was a catastrophe, and probably would have devolved into an idiotic spectacle even without the badge fags doing what they did. White Lives Matter was tepid at best, and the act of ducking out of Murfreesboro where the antifa made a show of force, controverts in hindsight the present boasts of certain individuals who now claim to represent the “Hard Right”.

To be accurate, the only real physical defeat that was inflicted on the Left in recent years, was in Berkeley. And that was at the hands of impromptu alliances of primarily right-leaning Libertarian and Constitutionalist offshoots. And I hardly count the act of an angry “Identitarian” midget, punching-out some diseased-looking internet smut-queen on that day, as being a blow landed by and for white racial nationalism.

So like the very definition of insanity, the white racial right keeps repeating the same failed actions over and over, and expecting a different result with each new wide-eyed, self-important young delusional who takes up the cause for fifteen impulsive minutes every couple decades. “WN 2.0” is failing just as assuredly as “1.0” did, just minus the fireworks show that real vanguardists like The Order put on before they went out on shield. And this is because, unlike Poland or Ukraine or Hungary, white America has no definitive ethnonational identity, irrespective of geographic region. We share a common grievance, but nothing else. Despite being a demographically majority-German country, white America remains the sum of successive waves of disparate European ethne who interbred to varying degrees. Unity beyond the most rudimentary racial sense, and beyond perhaps the shared and collective will to live free, is an impossibility on this continent.

I don’t necessarily agree with, for example, the entirety of Andrew Anglin’s recent ‘American Nationalism’ shift of gears, but I acknowledge that he at least is looking at our situation with enough lucidity to know that you cannot transpose European-style ethnonationalism onto white American cultural identity and our inborn behavioral disposition. When our ancestors crossed that ocean, it forever changed what we would become, and there is simply no going back to being what they were. We are overdue in white America to come to honest terms with who and what we are. Only then can we begin to assemble a legitimate political movement for our own benefit. Failing that, our time and effort would be better spent preparing for anarchy.

2017 Detroit Mayoral Election Live Thread


Detroiters go to the polls today to make history by either re-electing Mike Duggan, and thus making him the first white man to win a second consecutive term as mayor of Detroit since Jerome Cavanagh in 1965, or by electing Joel Loving a.k.a. Coleman Young II and making him the first son of a former Detroit mayor to be himself elected mayor of Detroit.

The most recent poll has Mike Duggan burying Joel Loving/Coleman Young II by an unmerciful 63% to 28%.

Not exactly a competitive race by the look of it, and seeing how Duggan is owned and supported by the bountiful shekeldom of local billionaire Dan Gilbert, it is very unlikely that the Boy Nigger will pull off the upset. But Donald Trump did win the Big One last year, and against all predictions to the contrary, not the least of which my own. So I guess anything is possible.

On a minor but related note, there are in fact 6 other candidates on the ballot for mayor in Detroit today. And out of that bunch, 4 of them have criminal convictions involving guns, drugs, or assault. So for what might well be the first time in the history of a mayoral election in a major American city, Detroit earns the distinction of half of its candidates being convicted felons.

Way to go Motor City! No one can ever say that we don’t keepz it real out dis mothafucka. Nomsayin?

So I’ll be updating this blog post periodically as the returns come in this evening, with additional thoughts and commentary. Please feel free to check back in anytime later tonight.

Update – 8:40 PM EST

140 of 590 precincts reporting in

Mike Duggan – 12,888 votes

Coleman Young II – 5,926 votes

Update – 9:10 PM EST

427 of 590 precincts reporting in

Mike Duggan – 41,733 votes

Coleman Young II – 18,632 votes

Update – 9:30 PM EST

445 of 590 precincts reporting in

Mike Duggan – 44,350 votes

Coleman Young II – 19,617 votes

Coleman Young II has been unable to break past 31% all night

Update – 9:45 PM EST

491 of 590 precincts reporting in

Mike Duggan – 54,659 votes

Coleman Young II – 22,439 votes

Coleman Young II’s share of the vote now drops to 29%

Update 9:48 PM EST

The Detroit News is calling the race for Mike Duggan. Duggan now becomes the first white man to win re-election as mayor of Detroit, since Jerome Cavanagh in 1965.


The Legend Of Le Nain Rouge — The Devil That Haunts Detroit


In 1701, the French soldier and explorer Antoine Laumet de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac is given permission by the governor of New France to set out and establish a new fort. A party is held at the governor’s residence, in celebration of Cadillac, who is to embark on his expedition the following day.

An uninvited guest arrives at the party. She is a tall, dark woman with piercing eyes, dressed in strange clothes, and carrying a black cat on her shoulder. She is called “Mere Minique, La Sorcière” and is known as a wandering fortune teller.

She reads the skeptical Cadillac his fortune, telling him, “You will found a great city which one day will have more inhabitants than New France now possesses, and many children will nestle around your fireside.”

Cadillac is intrigued, and asks her to go on.

“In the years to come, your colony will be the scene of strife and bloodshed. The Indians will be treacherous, and the hated English will struggle for its possession. But under a new flag it will reach a height of prosperity you never in your wildest dreams pictured.”

And Mere Minique then issues Cadillac an ominous final warning:

“Appease the Nain Rouge. Beware of offending this demon.”

Six years pass since that night, and Fort Ponchartrain du Détroit is indeed prosperous. One evening, Cadillac and his wife go for a walk along the river. Through the fog, he begins to make out a strange figure ahead in his path. Cadillac comes closer, and there the Nain Rouge stands in clear focus before him — small with red skin and black fur covering its body, with the face of an old man and blazing red eyes; its ginning mouth displays rows of rotted, sharp-pointed teeth.

Cadillac remembers Mere Minique’s admonition, but in his pride he lashes out and violently strikes the Nain Rouge with his cane, and the demon vanishes.

Cadillac hears a voice:

“You were warned not to anger him, and in your ungovernable temper you do just otherwise. Your impetuosity will bring you and yours to ruin, and misfortune will now and forever be your portion.”

As the centuries pass, the city of Detroit is relentlessly subjected to misfortune and destruction. And preceding each and every of these tragedies, the Nain Rouge is witnessed, appearing like a harbinger of doom.

In 1763, the Ottawa Indian tribe, along with their Potawatomi and Huron allies, waged what came to be called Pontiac’s War, against British settlements in the Great Lakes region, eventually culminating in the Seige Of Detroit. The day before a battle that subsequently became known as Bloody Run, a British commander named James Dalyell was reportedly stalked by the Nain Rouge along the banks of the Detroit River. Dalyell and 60 British soldiers were killed in the battle, and his head was paraded in front of the fort on a pike. The tributary of the Detroit river, which ran through the battlefield and where Elmwood Cemetery presently sits at the corner of East Lafayette & Mount Elliot, turned thick and red in the aftermath. The Nain Rouge was seen in the bloody mists, cackling and dancing among the bodies of the dead and the dying.

Multiple sightings of the Nain Rouge were reported before the Great Fire Of 1805, which burned all 200 buildings in Detroit to the ground. The Latin motto on the city seal of Detroit — “Resurget Cineribus” — was inspired by that disaster.


Late in the night of July 22 1967, the Nain Rouge was witnessed gleefully cartwheeling and backflipping its way through the darkness down 12th Street. Just hours later, a riot would erupt so massive that thousands of buildings would burn, dozens of people would be killed, and hundreds injured.

A decade after that, on a night in March of 1976, two DTE workers saw what they at first thought was a child run up a utility pole. Upon closer look, the figure’s demonic visage and inhuman agility revealed the Nain Rouge yet again, and the following day a massive blizzard hit Detroit, leaving the city crippled for days. And some even believe that it was the Nain Rouge who possessed gangs of firebugs to set those first fires that would quickly escalate into the sprees of mass-arson known as Devils Night, in the nights leading up to Halloween each year back in the 1980’s.

Beginning in 2010, a tradition dating back to the founding of the city, was resurrected in Detroit. Every spring, a parade procession known as the Marche du Nain Rouge leads down Cass Avenue and finishes with the Nain Rouge being burned in effigy, in a light-hearted ritual to symbolically “drive the devil out of Detroit”.

Nevertheless, as the saying goes, “Should you chance upon a dwarfish red devil that caws like a crow on the dark streets of Detroit… treat him with respect.”


ZOG Proclaims Intention To Remove Assad


This afternoon, Jew-S-A Secretary of State Rex Tillerson proclaimed the Trump administration’s renewed obsession with removing President Bashar al-Assad from power in Syria.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the “reign of the Assad family” in Syria is coming to an end, and the “only issue is how that can be brought about.”
Tillerson’s comments were made following a meeting with UN envoy Staffan de Mistura in Geneva. Tillerson called the meeting “fruitful.”

“The United States wants a whole and unified Syria with no role for Bashar al-Assad in the government,” Tillerson said, as quoted by Reuters. “The reign of the Assad family is coming to an end. The only issue is how that should that be brought about.”

The deranged hubris on display is as grotesque as it is delusional. In the last 15 years, the United States has been responsible for more destabilization and bloodshed the world over, than the Soviet Union ever was in its entire 70. At this point, no one gives an honest damn what the United States demands, and Tillerson having to court the U.N. like some coyote-ugly thot just before last call, is proof of the hollowness of America’s threats anymore.

He also said that “the only reason Syrian forces have been successful has been because of the air support they have received from Russia.”

Pot, meet kettle.

The kikes wanted Assad gone, so they could eventually appropriate the whole of Syrian territory into Greater Israel. They created ISIS, through which they could advantage Saudi money and American muscle to do the job. Problem was, Assad had too much courage and loyalty to his people to lay down and be made the next sacrificial lamb to Zion. Bashar al-Assad drew a line in the sand, facing down two consecutive American presidents bent on his destruction, and fought and won, albiet with the help of a Russo-Iranian coalition.


Assad demonstrated before the world that it is possible to resist and prevail against American predation, when your reason is just, and your determination immutable. So Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley and Donald Trump can go on petulantly sabre-rattling until America’s dull, rusty sabre finally snaps at the hilt. No real power in the world is even wasting the time to pay attention.



(I don’t usually reblog other peoples stuff, but this one was too good not to share.)


PA, whom is your article intended to address? Boomer men, like me, who are already reading your blog regularly? Is your objective to incite yet more hatred among younger White men who already hate Boomers? Do articles like yours, which seem to be increasing in popularity in WN circles, serve to awaken and unify Whites?

It’s intended to address anyone who wants to read it. That’s not a glib reply, it’s my attitude toward blogging. By the aggregate reader data available to me, 80% of this blog’s visitors are in the United States and by my hunch, readership overlaps with that of the blogs listed on my sidebar. In other words, a broad age-range of mostly Alt-Right aligned Whites worldwide.

It is not my intention to incite hatred toward anyone who is one of us. My parents are Boomers (technically late Silents, born during WWII and raised in a different…

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