Donald Trump Crumbles In Debate 1


Exactly as I predicted, Hillary Clinton destroyed Donald Trump in tonight’s presidential debate.

Trump bloviated and stammered and gestured frantically with his hands as he motor-mouthed in broken sentences and wandered aimlessly every time he spoke. In contrast, Hillary Clinton was poised, prepared, spoke slowly and clearly in an even tone, and, unlike Trump, succeeded to make her point each time she was asked a question.

As the debate wore on, Trump looked increasingly flustered, irritated, bored, and finally exhausted. Hillary baited him repeatedly, and like the big dumb carp that he is, Trump bit it every time. There were even several instances where Clinton was literally giggling at him while he droned on, probably in disbelief at how amateur Trump exposed himself to truly be. And Clinton ended up getting the majority of the applause from the audience.

On a funny note, Brad Griffin and the Trumpenfaggot faithful over at Occidental Dissent, had a sobering experience tonight. Buyers Remorse, you shit-for-brains bunch of fuckwits. I forewarned you back during the primaries that Trump was a fraud, but you obviously couldn’t hear me with your faces blissfully buried so deep up his shitpipe.

So I repeat my prediction — Trump is going to lose by a landslide, and Hillary will have collected between 340 and 390 electoral votes by the morning after the election.

On Nigger Chimpouts & Badge Fag Culpability


Let me state up front, that nobody hates niggers as much as do. And let me also state up front, that nobody has less regard for niggers, and wishes the absolute worst suffering and genocide on that entire species of half-monkey abominations, than do. That said, I have to express my belief that these now bi-weekly nigger euthanizations at the hands of the police, are neither justified, nor their increasing frequency accidental.

Niggers are a bludgeoning instrument wielded by the KIKE-controlled American government against white people, for the purpose of terrorizing white people into obedience.

When niggers chimpout en masse, ordinary middle-class white people rely on the police to protect them from being raped and killed by packs of rabid simians. Consequently, it follows that 99% of brain-dead, birdshit-colored honkies in America are blindly pro-police.  Whenever a nigger is killed by the police, niggers automatically riot. The more that niggers riot, the more solidified white people’s loyalty toward the police becomes. And being that the government facilitates the existence of the police, one can’t help but conclude that it in fact benefits the police, and more importantly, the government by extension, to keep killing niggers and keep niggers rioting, and keep white people forever psychologically-tethered to these badge fag psychopaths like a frightened toddler peaking out from behind it’s mother’s leg.

The two recent nigger/badgefag incidents that have been all over the news, are the nigger riot in Charlotte and that dumb cunt pig who plugged that fat unarmed nigger in Tulsa.

In the case of the Charlotte riot, the video speaks for itself and there isn’t anything I can add. The cop who killed the nigger, which apparently incited this chimpout, was a nigger himself and that fact was public knowledge before the riot even started. So it goes without saying that niggers will take any opportunity show their monkey asses and destroy things for pleasure. Still, I at least respect that niggers will take to the streets and respond with violence in kind when one their own is killed by the police, unlike white people, who, at the very most, will stand in silence holding lit candles like a bunch of contemptible chickenshits.

One beneficial takeaway from this, is that at least 1 shitliberal metrofaggot SWPL finally learned the facts of life that night, and some dumbass cocksucker reporter almost got turned into ghetto BBQ.

In the case of that cunt Betty Shelby in Tulsa, she opened fire on an unarmed man who’s back was turned and was walking away, and nigger or not, that’s manslaughter and she deserves the charges she’s been slapped with. She exemplifies the irresponsibly low psychological standards that police departments exercise in the hiring of officers. She had no business holding a job like that, and her personal history showed ample evidence of her lack of self-control.

Nevertheless, as I remarked on a previous thread, I hope she gets acquitted for no other reason than throw fuel on the fire of America’s smoldering racial war.

Recently in Detroit, some cop died after being shot by some nigger during a foot chase, and there’s been a predictible deluge of sappy bullshit all over social media, the majority of it from white people, about how “heroic” the police are. However, when juxtaposed with this interesting little tale, maybe these unfortunate foot-wipes will develop a little objectivity.

People reading this might immediately respond with, “Most police officers are good people who are just doing their job” and that “The bad ones are extremely rare” or some similar crap. Well, this alleged “good” majority of police sure have a strange habit of closing ranks and covering for the alleged-few but strangely busy “bad” officers. You know, as an ordinary civilian, if I were to witness or learn about a crime that’s been committed and I don’t come forward, I could actually be charged as an accessory in some cases. Why are police not held to that same standard?

Cops intentionally kill niggers to spur niggers into taking revenge on white people, and then they turn around and use that same nigger violence which they provoked in the first place, to elicit sympathy from the public and blackmail loyalty from cowed and whipped white people. There are no “good ones” and white people need to stop wringing their hands over the periodic monkey shines in the streets, and start holding badge fag scum accountable for precipitating it in the first place.

Apologies & A Site Update


My apologies to this blog’s readers and followers, for my absence as of late. Like everyone else, I’m aware of the nigger chimpout in Charlotte, the badge fag nigger shootings, the ISIS chemical attack in Iraq, and all the latest Trump/Clinton election bullshit.

Ordinarily, I would be all over this stuff, complete with the vulgar language and shock-imagery that you’ve come to expect and love, but as of late I have been extremely busy in real life, with long days and operating on just a few hours of sleep nightly. So this blog is going to have to take a back seat for a little bit, until work slows down. Sorry again, and your understanding is much appreciated.

Blue Gum Barry’s Final ‘FUCK YOU!’ To Bagel Benny


Ma nigga.

I admit that there is one thing about Obama that I’ll miss after  he leaves office 4 months from now: his reliably uppity niggertude when dealing with Benjamin Netanyahu. For 8 years, Obama managed to keep Netanyahu in a state of paranoia that is batshit-level, even by kike standards. Come January, whether the  next POTUS is Clinton or Trump or Kaine, the executive branch of the American government will resume slavishly licking Israel’s taint as though it was the heyday of the Bush/Cheney years.

I was amused to learn that Obama recently forced Benjamin Netanyahu to take nigger dick up the ass and smile, one final time:


They say revenge is a dish best served cold.

It’s clear that President Obama got his revenge on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week. Netanyahu was forced to hail the new memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between Washington and Jerusalem as a historic achievement for Israel.

It is nominally the largest commitment of aid that the United States has ever given to any country. Politically, Netanyahu can’t afford to admit that the agreement is far from perfect, and his spokesman constantly repeated what an excellent agreement it is.

Obama, too, hailed the agreement, stating, “The new MOU constitutes the single largest pledge of military assistance in U.S. history, totaling $38 billion over 10 years, including $33 billion in FMF [United States Foreign Military Financing] funds and an additional $5 billion in missile defense funding. Both Prime Minister Netanyahu and I are confident that the new MOU will make a significant contribution to Israel’s security in what remains a dangerous neighborhood.”

Critics of the agreement, led by former prime minister Ehud Barak, point out that the numbers are misleading. The agreement is the largest amount of aid ever only in nominal terms. Adjusted for inflation, the agreement is actually smaller that the previous MOU signed 10 years ago.

The critics, who also include Amos Yadlin, the former commander of military intelligence, posit that if Netanyahu had not addressed Congress in opposition to the Iran agreement, Israel would have been given better terms. They assert that Israel would have received more money and without the two restrictions in the deal that may prove harmful to Israel.

The first condition agreed to in the memorandum eliminates the long-standing practice of allowing Israel to use 25 percent of the aid for local purchases. The second is Israel’s commitment not to ask for any supplemental money from the Congress. Israel has further sent a letter committing to return any extra money if Congress were to allocate it.

It’s with this provision that Obama gets revenge on his three major opponents simultaneously without him nor his preferred successor paying any price.

By putting a provision in the agreement that Israel will not lobby Congress for additional funds and will return any it receives, Obama has undermined the very existence of the American Israeli Public Affair Committee. AIPAC made a fatal mistake when it decided to publicly fight the Iran accord.

If Israel cannot request and will in fact return any funds allocated to it by Congress, one of the key functions of AIPAC is eliminated. Furthermore, one of AIPAC’s key achievements of the past few decades was Israel’s ability to use part of the assistance to fund local purchases. This has been eliminated.

Lastly, Obama gets to reassert the primacy of the executive branch in the making of foreign policy. For decades, Congress has “interfered” in U.S. relations with Israel by allocating additional funds that various administrations have been reluctant to give. By forcing Israel to sign a letter stating that it will return any additional money, Obama has removed Congress’s ability to interfere in the process.

Finally, by getting Netanyahu to sign the agreement, Obama has given ammunition to some of Netanyahu’s biggest critics. Ehud Barak, the former prime minister and defense minister, has dominated the news cycle in Israel for the past two days after he published a scathing op-ed in The Washington Post in which he criticized Netanyhu for using the new agreement as a club against him.

Obama accomplished all this by wrapping the more problematic aspects of the agreement into a $38 billion package of assistance. Who can possibly criticize Obama for not being supportive of Israel after all he just allocated $38 billion for its defense?

So why did Netanyahu sign this agreement, instead of waiting for the next president? Until he writes his memoirs, we will never be sure. The best explanation is that he is petrified by what might happen if Donald Trump is elected.

While Trump is popular among many right-wing Israelis, Netanyahu has a much more sophisticated understanding of the world Israel lives in. A Trump victory would introduce a level of uncertainty into the world that Israel fears. Nobody has any idea what Trump might do as president and that is something new in international relations.

The same goes for foreign aid. As the biggest recipient of American foreign aid, not to mention diplomatic support, nothing makes the Israeli security establishment as nervous as Trump’s comments that America has to worry about America first.

Israel, like the rest of the world, has greatly benefited from the U.S. being the benign hegemon in the world. The possibility that a Trump presidency could change that is troubling to most of the Israeli leadership.

Netanyahu probably decided to sign the current agreement instead of gambling with Israel’s future that he could do better with a President Trump or a President Clinton. By signing the agreement, Netanyahu is effectively helping Clinton, since this agreement takes the questions of the Democratic Party’s commitment to Israel off the table.

For President Obama, this is an amazing personal political achievement. For Netanyahu, he will never know if he made the right decision.

So basically for the next ten years, Israel will have to be accountable for how they spend the $38 billion in the American tax dollars that they’re being given, they can’t ask for any additional money, and if any of it’s  Zionist #Crosscuck GOP slaves in Congress freely give them any money, Israel will have to pay it back.

It goes without saying that the kikes will never honor this agreement in practice, but it was nevertheless satisfying to watch them be forced to accept it, and in so doing, appear utterly subordinate to Obama’s nigger administration, in full view of their enemies surrounding their region.

She’s Still Going To Win


“I feel GREAT!”

Alt-Right faggots need to pull their pants back up and put the coke and lube away, because, dying or not, Hillary Clinton is still  going to bury Donald Trump on November 8.

And I substantiate my claim with actual poll numbers, not wishful bullshit like ‘momentum’ or ‘swings’.

Nationally, Clinton is still beating Trump, in some cases by as much as 8 points, in 7 out of 9 polls, and averages a 2 point lead overall.


Some might argue that 2 points is inside the margin of error. Maybe it is, but it doesn’t matter whether you win by 1 vote or 1 million votes, because once the results are certified, a win is a win. Hell, even FOX News gives Clinton the second biggest lead of the collection of polls.

Individual battleground-state polls paint an even less optimistic picture for Trump:









Trump has regained his footing somewhat in Florida, but the best he seems to be able to achieve there, even after having a week or so of relief, and Hillary having simultaneously a catastrophic week, remains a virtual tie.

Ohio is a similar case — Trump stabilizes his campaign for the moment, while Clinton drives hers into a tree, and he still can’t even climb even a full point past her. Worse yet, Hillary’s best figure in Ohio is 2 points better than Trump’s best poll there.

In every other must-win state, Trump is getting destroyed and there show no signs of that changing course.

Hillary Clinton is going to win this election, and no email scandal or Wikileak or dirty little health secret is going to avert that. The Clinton Foundation has spent the last 19 years amassing an inexhaustible fortune and setting in place every imaginable contigency to put her in the Oval Office, even if it means having to literally buy every single precinct official in every state in the country. And if you think I’m exaggerating, then just ask Bernie Sanders. Hillary is going to end up with somewhere between 340 and 390 electoral votes once the smoke clears, and these true-believer Trumpenfaggots of the Alt-Right are going to be in for a devastating night come November 8.

Do You Believe Me Now?

I posted about this a couple months ago.


Hillary Clinton, much like the old USSR’s Konstantin Chernenko, is going to assume office more or less on life-support, and clearly will not live through her term.

At least the Soviet Union had reasonable men like Mikhail Gorbachev and then Boris Yeltsin, who wisely dismantled the bloated and failed USSR with minimal bloodshed. We in America won’t be so fortunate.

9/11 — Fifteen Years After


Yes, that is who was responsible for it.

It feels like with every year that passes since that day, the lives we used to lead, and the people we used to be, become more and more like evanescent images from a fading dream.

I was 24 years old going on 25, and had come back to Detroit that May after being away for a few years. I wasn’t anyone special, but I was young, and despite having been raised in and having returned to a ghetto, I was as happy and narcissistic as anyone in their early/mid-20’s, and quite honestly, life for me back then was one big party. Hell, I had been out till about 4:00 AM on the night of September 10, and barely remember how I managed to stagger home.

I didn’t lose any friends or family on 9/11, I wasn’t there that morning, and other than downtown Detroit being evacuated like every other major US city was that day, the events of that morning didn’t make any contact with my personal existence beyond that of visuals on the news.

Still, I can’t help but comprehend in the looking back, that America, and Americans, will never again be innocent in the way we were just one day before. It feels like every day for the last 15 years has been the same one — September 12, 2001 — repeated on an endless loop. We’re in a permanent state of war, we’re in a permanent state of apprehension, we’re in a permanent state of numbness.

To say nothing of the ensuing catastrophic military expeditions, the evisceration of the American middle class, the overwriting of our Constitutional liberty, the militarization of the police, the niggerization of every suburb, and now the race-replacement via the third-world at the hands of our Zionist Occupied Government, Americans, and that is to say white Americans, on a very perceptible level, are collectively unburdening themselves of their sentimental loyalty to their country. Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ bullshit notwithstanding, there is a very real feeling that we’re at the end of a period in history.

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were a  pair of .38 caliber bullet wounds to the abdomen of America, and it’s taken us fifteen years to bleed out. Shivering and ghastly pale, we wait for the doctor to call time-of-death, which will likely be the early morning hours of November 9.